Can Rabbits Have Oranges?

How many times did your grandma force feed you oranges if you started sniffling or coughing? They’re well-known for being loaded with vitamin C, but there are so many other benefits to these juicy little fruits. They’re definitely good for you, but are they good for your bunny?

Are Oranges Good for Rabbits?

Many rabbits have quite the sweet tooth, and it isn’t uncommon for them to turn their nose up at their hay and vegetables if they eat a diet with a lot of sweet fruits. Oranges are a particular favorite of many rabbits, and it’s definitely because they’re so sweet and juicy.

Oranges should be given sparingly. A couple times a week is more than plenty, and ideally, they shouldn’t get more than 1/4 of the fruit (or less for smaller bunnies). The fruit should always be peeled and broken into sections for more manageable eating. If you don’t feel comfortable feeding the actual fruit, the peel is safe for them to eat, too. A quarter of the peel has four times more fiber than the pulp does. It’s also considered healthier for your bunny because it has less sugar and more nutrients.

Finally, make sure the oranges are completely seed free. There have been incidences of rabbits accidentally inhaling the seeds and causing a respiratory obstruction.

What Happens If I Feed My Rabbit Too Many Oranges?

Oranges are very acidic, and if you’ve ever eaten too many oranges, you likely had a sore, painful mouth for a couple of days. Rabbits have very sensitive mouths, and too many oranges quickly cause oral ulcers. Some rabbits have even developed stomach ulcers from too much citrus, so it’s critical you really keep their consumption as low as possible.

They’re also very high in sugar, so too many oranges are going to make your rabbit’s regular diet quite bland in comparison. When a rabbit stops their constant grazing, it can really upset their digestive system and even make them extremely ill.

If you feed oranges sparingly, your rabbit will benefit from the fiber and vitamin C. However, if they experience any digestive upset or they act like their mouth is sore, stop feeding oranges right away and consult your veterinarian.

ObelpPede - June 1, 2021

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